The International Federation of Kidney Foundations leads the way in the prevention and treatment of kidney disease, through its Membership on all continents around the world.

Executive Committe2

The Federation was formed to foster international collaboration and the exchange of ideas that will improve the health, well-being and quality of life of individuals with kidney disease. We hope to achieve this by advocating for improved health care delivery as well as adopting and disseminating standards of best practice of treatment and care. We facilitate education programs for member organisations, promote research, communicate with other organisations and exchange ideas, particularly those concerning fund raising. See About the work of the IFKF

The IFKF helps facilitate the establishment of more kidney foundations and to help existing foundations become more dynamic and effective. Worldwide, most individuals with chronic kidney disease or hypertension are not diagnosed until long after the illness has developed.  Moreover, when they are diagnosed they are too often treated sub-optimally or not at all. In many parts of the world, once end stage kidney failure occurs, patients do not have access to dialysis or kidney transplantation.

IFKF members join together with ISN members and kidney patient associations, to celebrate  World Kidney Day annually in March, to influence general physicians, primary healthcare providers, health officials and policymakers and to educate high risk patients and individuals.


During the American Society of Nephrology and National Kidney Foundation Meetings in Philadelphia 1998, Joel Kopple MD (pictured right), then President of the National Kidney Foundation USA, invited representatives of kidney foundations from around the world to attend discussion groups to “explore whether there was a role for an international umbrella organisation, and what form such an organisation would take”.  The IFKF was subsequently established in 1999, and IFKF International Meetings and health professional Workshops have been held.

Members attending our annual IFKF Meetings have highlighted the benefits of early detection and prevention programs, successfully operating in Australia, Europe, Japan, Sth America, New Zealand and USA.  Prevention programs like this are particularly cost effective in large populations and remote regional areas. This simple proven tool identifies and educates those with early chronic kidney disease (CKD).  Health professionals are able to provide corrective treatment before these risk factors have a chance to develop into chronic kidney disease. The relentless progression to kidney failure can be slowed or reduced by between 20-50% in most cases.

It is the energy of people like you that is helping to focus the world on the issues surrounding kidney disease. The IFKF is a not for profit organisation staffed by volunteers. To help us fulfill our mission, financial contributions to support the very important work of the IFKF are always welcome.

Whilst this is most gratifying the IFKF must establish a professional Secretariat to handle this growth and offer more leadership services to all members. The IFKF Management Services operates from the Netherlands. The IFKF Executive welcome offers of Sponsorship funding and financial donations to assist us to carry out our important mission.

Please note the IFKF is a not for profit organisation.
The permanent office IFKF Management Services is located in the Netherlands.