Joel D KoppleThe Joel D Kopple Award (JKA) will be awarded once a year by a Jury to a Council Member organisation or individual Member or Associate Member for outstanding performance re. kidney disease – detection, prevention, treatment, care – during the IFKF Annual Meeting. A panel of 3 individuals, appointed by the President, will form the Jury.
Outstanding performance refers to any initiative or action resulting in a considerable and visible short term or long term internal or external impact. Internal impact can be growth in finances, membership or other organizational attributes, improved management, professionalizing etc of the organisation. External impact can be any initiative or action resulting in the improvement of detection and prevention of chronic kidney disease, treatment of kidney disease or care of the kidney patient. Measurement of outstanding performance will be considered in the context of the local environment and resources (income, financial resources, manpower, skill sets) available to the nominated organisation or individual at the time of the contributions.

Please read the procedure and guidelines, that can be downloaded here:

We are looking forward to your nominations.