CKDu is an emerging challenge is select districts in India and Sri Lanka. CKDu mostly affects farmers in the rural areas who have poor access to health care. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together the experts from nephrology and public health to review the existing knowledge and discuss the research priorities. The meeting participants included nephrologists from various institutions,pathologosts and public health researchers and other stakeholders.

The CKDu core group meeting was organised by Tamilnad Kidney Research Foundation (TANKER) Foundation with technical support from Indian Council of Medical Research. The main discussion was on coming to a consensus about the definition of CKDu and the priority areas for research to take forward the cause of CKDu. CKDu has been found to be prevalent in pockets of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa ,Sri Lanka especially in rural areas where the economically backward people have been affected .More research needs to be done and the group felt that it was important for government and corporates to be involved to study this and create more awareness and find the causes and how to deal with this.The group explored the ways to develop a strong community to advocate for the research and interventions for CKDu in affected areas.

13th Congress of The Arab Society of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation & 35th Annual Congress of The Egyptian Society of Nephrology and Transplantation

Intercontinental City Stars Hotel – Cairo, Egypt
From 28th of February to 3rd of March 2017

Announcement Egyptian, 28 FEBRUARY - 3 MARCH 2017

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The 2nd Regional Meeting of IFKF this year has been very successful. It was held in Mumbai between 8th & 10th of June. There were a total of 650 people, who attended the meeting, out of which 525 were paid delegates & rest their students of social sciences, diet & nutrition & nurses & technicians. Their respective college Principles/Directors had sent them on demand & COREP admitted them free of charge. There were total 85 faculty members from all these groups, who gave very interesting practical talks.  The present of overseas faculty members:  
1). Dr. Joel Kopple          
2). Marianne Vennegoor                                      
3). Geraldine Biddle                                      
4). Teri Browne & their enthusiastic participation
made the interaction very fruitfully. The Director of Medical Education - "Dr. Pravin Shringare", 'The Principal College of Nursing' - SNDT University -"Mrs.  Vasudha Kamble" & 'President of Indian Dietetic Association' - "Mrs. Jagmeet Madan", were all present, representing the respective bodies. 
mumbai corep dmer

According to the decisions taken during 12th IFKf annual Meeting held in Vancouver/ Canada last year, the first step to organize regional meetings has been achieved on May 20 and 21st. The President of Turkish Kidney Foundation and IFKF-International Federations of Kidney Foundations Timur Erk attended the first meeting. The first of the meetings which aims to meet over a common practice to fight against CKD in means of regional similarities such as culture and life style was hosted by Bulgarian Kidney Association and representatives from Tukey, Greece, Macedonia, The Netherlands and England. During the meeting which was held in Varna’a Albena Region, main topics were studies of IFKF, studies of BKA and Bulgarian Transplanted Patients Association, WKD 2012 and preparations for WKD 2013, fundraising strategies during economical turmoil situations, evaluation of Bulgarian national CKD research, renal nutrition therapies and ways to adopt succesful regional meetings, as well as Balkan Nephropathy which is a regional health issue. Due to one of the IFKF’s objectives, attempts to establish new foundation has come to a new stage: Greece and Macedonia have plans to establish kidney foundations.

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