IFKF Member Benefits

1. Quality:
IFKF members are recognised as excellent organisations within their own rights, acceptance to membership of IFKF brings a quality brand to your foundation.

2.Connecting with other foundations:
IFKF membership brings the opportunity to connect and communicate with similar organisations throughout the world, exchanging ideas and working collaboratively.

IFKF provides a Newsletter that informs members of key issues and news from around the Global kidney community. The IFKF annual meetings provide an ideal forum for ideas exchange and collaborative working and membership brings the benefit of reduced registration coists.

3. A Global Community fighting kidney disease:
World Kidney Day (WKD), provides members with an ideal opportunity to broaden their reach and to bring a spotlight to their activities as a Foundation. WKD Champions, offer individuals in membership organisations the opportunity to further support the objectives of IFKF and thier own organisations. IFKF initiatives such as the SeeKD, early identification and treatment initiative for Chronic Kidney Disease, promotes a global approach to improved kidney care.

4. Support for your foundation:
Within the IFKF membership community many larger and more established foundations offer support to developing foundations via our kidney foundations partnership programmes, KFPP. IFKF coordinates training and development initiatives, particularly for professions allied to healthcare.

IFKF members can use IFKF developed communication tools to support their organisations objectives. IFKF endorsement of local initiatives can assist your Foundations ultimate success.

5. Influence in support of kidney initiatives:
The Collective voice provided by being a member of our global organisation allows a stronger influence in advocacy and lobbying. WKD is an ideal vehicle to deliver influence in support of kidney issues both locally and internationally.

Membership offers the right to vote on issues that drive IFKF strategy and objectives, further effecting the influence of the IFKF globally.

6. Access to funding:
IFKF membership allows your foundation to apply for grants and awards, which are made available to support educational and developmental activity. Travel grants can be available to assist smaller member foundations and individuals to attend annual meetings.

The IFKF Mission and Objectives

  • Help member kidney foundations grow to highly effective organizations.
  • Encourage and assist in the formation of new kidney foundations where needed around the world.
  • Develop and grow a strong core of individual members, representative of all disciplines relevant to kidney care.
  • Help develop a more professional and effective leadership in kidney care, with a focus on developing new and young leaders.
  • Make World Kidney Day more successful and influential.
  • Lead the way in early detection, prevention and treatment of kidney disease through its membership on all continents of the world.
  • Make global kidney care advocacy more powerful and influential.
  • Promote global interactions with other professional, patient and commercial organisations.
  • Improve global fundraising opportunities for kidney related issues.

IFKF-Vancouver2011-13We would like to hear from anyone representing any kidney related organisation -  kidney foundation, patient association, kidney community advocacy group - interested in joining the IFKF family. This group represents a strong force to ensure global focus continues in the prevention and treatment of kidney disease.

Additionally, various associate members of the IFKF informally support the Board in its work.

IFKF Management Services
PO BOX 2020
The Netherlands
Els de Weerd: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After Board approval the organisation will be admitted to the IFKF Register and invited to nominate an official representative

  • Membership fees are for a calendar year - renewed annually 1 January
  • Should an IFKF Member default on fee payment, it may be removed from the IFKF Register unless good cause is shown (Fees payable in $US – individually set upon acceptance, relative to financial status)
  • Apply to the IFKF Board if financial difficulties locally prevent payment of your fees

IFKF Council Membership

See relevant extract below taken from our current IFKF Regulations
(approved in Budapest, Hungary, August 2014)

To be eligible for membership your application should be able to supply proof that your organisation:

  • has a proven primary commitment to improving the health and well being of individuals with kidney disease;
  • is recognized as non-profit (that is, as having legal status as a charitable foundation) by the laws of their country;
  • must be multidisciplinary, which means they should ordinarily have among their membership patients, and at least two of the following groups: medical doctors, nurses, dieticians, social workers, technicians, family members of patients and volunteers at large; and
  • must be actively involved in the activities described in the Mission Statement in these Regulations.

Application for membership shall be presented to the Board for consideration. The Board shall approve or reject the application for Membership having regard to the eligibility criteria set out in this clause. The Board may appoint, in its absolute discretion, a Membership Subcommittee to perform this function.

  • Individuals may apply for Associate Membership of the Foundation. To be eligible, an individual must also be a member of a Foundation Organizational member (if one exists in their country).
  • An Associate Member shall be entitled to receive notice of, and attend Council meetings but shall not have an entitlement to vote at such meetings.
  • Applications for Associate Membership shall be made to the Board. The Board shall approve or reject the application in its absolute discretion.

Representatives of IFKF Member organizations and Associate Members are considered members.

See for more information in the IFKF Regulations (August 2014).

To apply for Council Membership, the nominating individual MUST submit a formal application on behalf of your organisation.

Send the completed form to Els de Weerd, IFKF Managmement Services.

On receipt of the completed form, with a copy of a formal resolution from applicant's Board or Committee on official letterhead and the Gross Income statement of your organisation will be considered for IFKF Council Membership.

IFKF Membership dues:
• Tier 1: Annual income is above US $ 5 million.
• Tier 2: Income between US $1 million to $5 million.
• Tier 3: Income under US $1 million, but above US $ 250.000
• Tier 4: Income under US $250.000 but above $50,000
• Tier 5: Income $ 50,000 or below.
• Associate Member

The corresponding proposed levels of membership fees (in US $):
• Tier 1: $2,500
• Tier 2: $1,500
• Tier 3: $500
• Tier 4: $250
• Tier 5: $100
• Associate Member: $50

Procedure: Organisational or Associate Membership Application

When an Organisation or Individual approaches IFKF to become a member:

(NB: All correspondence must be supplied or completed in English)


1. IFKF Management Services will send applicants an application form for either organisational membership when an established Kidney Foundation or, Associate membership applications form, for individuals.
Organisational IFKF members that wish to merge with sister organisations must re-apply for IFKF membership.

2. IFKF Management Services must collect ALL information required for application on behalf of the membership committee and forward this to the membership committee for approval. Details of information required are clearly laid out on the application forms and all information must be provided in or translated into English.

3. IFKF Management Services will circulate the completed application forms to Chair/Co-chair of the IFKF membership committee and include any additional information; they will check all received information for correctness and validity. Where additional information is required by the membership committee, IFKF Management Services will contact applicants on their behalf.

4. When satisfied, the Chair/Co-chair will circulate the application and received information to the membership committee to obtain their recommendation for approval or rejection. If approved, the membership committee should also recommend the appropriate fee category/tier.

5. If the membership committee consider the application to be successful, the Chair/Co-chair will forward the conclusion(s) to IFKF Management Services for inclusion in Council papers to allow formal Council endorsement of IFKF membership, at their next Council meeting.

6. Council will confirm the Membership Fee Tier based on the recommendation of the membership committee and referring to financial accounts submitted by the applicant. Membership fees are due on 1 January each year. Council will calculate a Pro Rata membership fee for applications after 1st January for the remaining months of the year of a new applicant’s membership.

7. Council is to inform Chair/Co-Chair of membership Committee of results, either directly or via IFKF Management Services.

8. IFKF Management Services will send a Welcome letter to the new member and request payment of the required membership fee.

9. IFKF Management Services will add the new member’s contact information to the IFKF Data Base that they administer.

10. The new IFKF member’s successful application will be announced in the next monthly Newsletter after acceptance, together with a short history of the organisation, or a summary bio of the associate member.All relevant information will be added to the Directory of IFKF Contacts and Publications

11. Review of membership annual membership fee: members will be able to request a review of their membership fee in case of changes in their financial circumstances. An financial Audit of the previous year income is needed to reassess the new correct membership fee.


Rejection by the Membership Committee
In the case of a membership application being rejected by the membership committee, the applying prospective member has the right to ask for an appeal reviewed by the full IFKF Council.

Rejection by the IFKF Council
In the event of the Council rejecting a prospective member’s application, after either a membership committee approval or under an appeal for rejection by the membership committee, the Council’s decision will be considered as final and no further appeal will be allowed.

Discontinuation of Membership:
(After failure to pay the annual membership fees)
Failure to pay membership fees for two consecutive years following the receipt of reminder communications by either IFKF Management Services or the chair/co-chair of the membership committee will result in discontinuation of membership of the IFKF. In case of a member experiencing financial difficulties, the membership committee may recommend a review of the obligation to pay a membership (e.g. a deferment of payment for 1 year only.

Our regularly updated IFKF Inventory Education Resources (December 2018) is the most accessed document on our website.

This resource is used extensively by health professionals seeking multilingual information for patients, to locate a particular kidney foundation or group for various reasons, or to gain local 'kidney' community insight to support their patients wishing to travel.  

Many of our  IFKF Council Members offer education resources in both their local language and English. Most Council Members are delighted to share their resources and materials with other Council Members, to save on time and precious funds.

New IFKF members are encouraged to develop similar resources for their communities in local language, while observing existing copyright and obtaining permission to copy.

If utilising other Member education resources (with their permission) ensure you use a reputable translator, skilled at working in health education. You should also ensure treatment methods are in line with your local standards and practice.