Highlights World Kidney Day 2012

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The 2012 theme, this time in French

With the growing popularity of World Kidney Day it is not easy to break new records year after year. But we did! World Kidney has been celebrated in 154 countries; the count last year was 101 countries, an enormous success. The number of events logged on the World Kidney Day calendar: 790 (623 in 2011) The Scientific Editorial has been published in 66 medical journals, the same number as in 2011 The World Kidney Day video had 6000 views on March 8 alone.

Events are registered at www.worldkidneyday.org. A number of events are also selected for our website.

Just to mention a few:

Indonesia Indonesia Kidney Care Club has organised street events to attract awareness. More the 600 photos have been published and shared with us on Facebook. These are but two of the photos, with the IKCC crew during a street
event. indonesia 2


indonesia kidney care

South Africa A copy of Donor News from the Organ Donor Foundation of South Africa, with which NKF South Africa is closely cooperating, is available on ifkf.org. The newsletter includes the story of the identical twins Sanele and Samkelo Gwala: Sanele (left in the photo) has donated a kidney to his twin brother Samkelo sa

Kenya NKF Kenya (former KHATO) has organised a number of events. Screenings haven’t been conducted with materials as provided by HemoCue. kenya

Turkey WKD 2012 in Turkey focussed on the importance of less salt intake. A march in the centre of Istanbul was attended by volunteers from the Turkish Kidney Foundation, the UPS Sport Club and numerous journalists. Famous model and board of trustee’s member Ms Ipek Tanriyar joined the march. The event was covered live on TV; Timur Erk was interviewed on Turkish TV. Outdoor activities were shown on 22 TV channels around the country. The Bosporus Bridge was lighted in burgundy, the colour of the TKF logo A billboard campaign exposed the theme throughout the city. The salt intake was symbolized by a giant salt shaker. You can watch the video on you tube

India TANKER foundation has distributed leaflets and brochures in Marina Beach and a screening has been organised at Popular Motors for staff, family and clients. The awareness DVD with actor and goodwill ambassador Suryia has been played during the day on a giant screen at Central Railway Station. Suriya posters have also been put up at Ration shops (Fair Price shops).
Mexico All events can be found at www.diamundialdelrinon.org To name some: Poster contest for students in graphic design A Lottery Raffle is to be held with the Mexican Lottery and a Metro ticket with WKD theme in addition to conferences with health officials and screening programs with the general public. There will be a wide range of publicity on TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines. mexico

Europe For the 5th time a World Kidney Day event has taken place in the European Parliament. The event was organised by the European Kidney Health Organisation (EKHA) and the MEP Group for Kidney Health. EKHA is today chaired by well known Prof Norbert Lameire; IFKF has been a founding partner together with ISN, CEAPIR and other international organisations. The MEP Group is the initiative of Member of European Parliament Frieda Brepoels (Belgium). Frieda Brepoels at a presentation in 2008 Frieda had invited a number of her colleagues (MEPs) during a working dinner, at which Mark Murphy (Irish Kidney Association) was one of the speakers. The dinner was preceded by a well attended press conference. For more information you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

United States Amongst the many activities throughout the US, NKF has created publicity in the leading magazine for African Americans usa

http://www.worldkidneyday.org/ and WKD editorial  

 Final report about Kampala Renal Week and EKHA WKD 2012.

Media coverage of WKD 2012 in the UK; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-17296682

From dr. Karunan Kannampoyilil - Institute of Nova Kidney Foundation - Kerala/India we received the video Of 'Kidney Money Song".

These are the programmes in the UK for WKD.

The German Kidney Foundation has produced an eye catching video for use during WKD related activities, with the WKD Silhouettes as cast.

This is the radio spot from our IFKF Member Ascociación Mexicana para el Estudio de la Acidosis Tubular Renal, AC in Mexico. Starts running from 2 until 8 March 2012 on one of the biggest radio companies in Mexico.