Five weeks to go!


11th October 2017 is #WorldObesityDay



This week we have translations of 'World Obesity Day' in a host of different languages, and reminders about where to find all the latest info and how to sign the Thunderclap campaign!


Each week we will be providing you with support on how to engage with government, policy makers, academics, the public, members & supporters. For tools and advicevisit


/ What is World Obesity Day?

World Obesity Day was launched in 2015 as an annual campaign to stimulate and support practical solutions to help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and to reverse the global obesity crisis. 


The number of adults suffering from overweight and obesity continues to rise. On current trends, 2.7billion adults worldwide will suffer from overweight and obesity by 2025, of which 177 million adults will be in need of treatment as a result of severe obesity


This #WorldObesityDay we are asking all of you to Act Now and to join us in calling for urgent action from governments, health service providers, insurers and philanthropic organisations to prioritise investment in tackling obesity. This means investment in obesity treatment services, early intervention and prevention.



Share your support for World Obesity Day by joining our Thunderclap!


We have one month to reach our target number of supporters - if we hit this, a flash-mob style burst of support messages will hit social media on 11th October. You can join the Thunderclap via Twitter or Facebook to help play a key role in tackling obesity now


/ We're Speaking Your Language 


We want you to help us spread the word about World Obesity Day all over the world, so here are some translations to help you get your local audience involved.


English:     World Obesity Day 

French:     Journée Mondiale contre l'Obésité 

German:     Welt Adipositas Tag 

Spanish:     Dia Mundial contra la obesidad 

Portuguese:  Dia mundial da obesidade 

Greek:       Παγκόσμια ημέρα κατά της Παχυσαρκίας 

Maltese:     Jum Dinji kontra l-Obezita 

Italian:      Giornata mondiale dell'obesità 

Dutch:      Werelddag tegen Obesitas 

Indonesian:  Hari Obesitas Sedunia 

Polish:      Światowy Dzień Walki z Otyłością 

Irish:        Lá Tracht Domhanda 

Lithuanian:   Pasaulinė nutukimo diena 

MacedonianSvetski Den na Obesitas 

Slovenian:   Svetovni dan debelosti 

Uzbekistan:  Dunyo Semizlik Kuni 

Romanian:   Ziua mondiala impotriva obezitatii 

Bulgarian:   Световен ден на затлъстяването

Serbian:     Svetski dan gojanosti

Finnish:     Maailman lihavuuspäivä 

Philippines:  Araw ng Obesidad sa Mundo

Malay:       Hari Obesiti Sedunia  

Tamil:       Ulaga Udal Paruman Naal

Kannada:    Visvada Bojju Dina

Hebrew:     העולמי ההשמנה יום

Hindi:        Vishwa Motapa Diwas

Yoruba:      Agbaye Sanra Ojo

Croatia:      Svjetski dan debljine


If you can translate 'World Obesity Day' into any other languages, please get in touch. Equally, if you can translate our main call to action please let us know (Treat Obesity Now and Avoid the Consequences Later. This #WorldObesityDay we are calling on all governments to increase investment in tackling obesity).


/ World Obesity Day Materials and Resources

We have created some tools and resources to help you talk to others about obesity. You'll soon be able to access infographics, an advocacy toolkit, template letters and press releases, as well as get your name on the map, all through our website.


Plot yourself on our map 

We will be plotting all #WorldObesityDay activities on a map of the world. Make sure your activities are shared by letting us know what you are doing so we can add you to the map.


/ Contact Us


If you have any questions, please contact Ellie Needs at 


You can tweet us @WorldObesity and use #WorldObesityDay.


All information and resources will be added to our World Obesity Day website as it becomes available


And don't forget to sign our Thunderclap campaign!


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