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Thank you for your support this #WorldObesityDay!

World Obesity Federation would like to say thank you to everyone who helped us kick-start conversations to #endweightstigma

The campaign to #endweightstigma started with a bang on #WorldObesityDay Mainstream media coverage was secured in countries around the world. Cases of stigma were called out on social media. People with obesity took a stand and shared their experiences of stigma and discrimination with the world. None of this would have been possible without your help and support. The hard work continues. The campaign has only just started and we have a long road ahead to change perceptions. We outline below some of the ways you can help #endweightstigma

1. Work with media influencers and organisations in your country

You can send the template letter calling for the media to change to relevant organisations in your country. This might include regulators, unions, professional associations and journalists, encouraging them to change how they report on issues associated with obesity.

You can also share this with colleagues and patients so they can send the letter too, and post it on your website for people to download. Please see the template letter here and a list of the types of organisations you might want to send these to is available here

2. Report the current use of imagery and language in the media

Media coverage secured on #WorldObesityDay shows that media continue to stigmatise people with obesity. On the back of #WorldObesity Day, now is a good time to work constructively with journalists in your country to help change perceptions.

We have developed a range of evidence that can help you convince journalists to change how they report on the issues:

  • Building on our new research published in Clinical Obesity we’ve developed a report on weight stigma in the media, which focuses on media imagery and language. This is available for you to share through your own networks and with media in your country.
  • Media guidelines that journalists can use to improve how they report about obesity
  • The World Obesity Federation’s Image Bank, a resource for journalists who can use a range of non-stigmatising images free of charge

3. Follow @EndWeightStigma on Twitter

You may have seen our new Twitter handle @EndWeightStigma which highlights examples of weight and obesity stigma. We are encouraging people to send us everyday examples they see of weight stigma, by @mentioning the handle in tweets or using the hashtag #endweightstigma. Thank you to all of you who have already sent some through. Keep them coming – and spread the word!

Thank you all for your support to help us #endweightstigma

If you have any questions, please contact us at

All information and resources have been added to our World Obesity Day website. 

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