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The Kidney Foundation of Canada E-News – May 2018

The Kidney Foundation on the Hill, The Medal for Research Excellence, and more…

The Kidney Foundation on the Hill

On May 9, The Kidney Foundation of Canada was invited to appear before the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Health (HESA) in view of the study on the role of the federal government in improving access to organ donation. National Executive Director Elizabeth Myles was joined by a volunteer who has a family member with kidney failure on dialysis. Additionally, her husband and her aunt were a deceased organ donors. Listen to the hearing or read the full transcript.

2018 Medal for Research Excellence

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is pleased to announce that Dr. Peter Nickerson is the recipient of the 2018 Medal for Research Excellence. Dr. Nickerson is recognized as a leader in transplantation medicine both in Canada, and around the world. His innovative research and contributions to health policy are helping to improve access and quality of organ transplantation in Canada.

Take a Giant Step

Our Kidney Walk season has already started, kicking off in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Quebec. Participants took a giant step forward to raise funds and awareness, while building the kidney community. Every year, some 15,000 volunteers and participants gather at Kidney Walks in communities throughout the country. Join us in this cornerstone event to help support innovative and ground-breaking research projects and to help the Foundation offer crucial programs and services to the thousands of people impacted by kidney disease. Every step is a giant leap forward in the fight against kidney disease.

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