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Three main health insurance companies invest in portable artificial kidney, an initiative of the Dutch Kidney Foundation

On June 8th, three main Dutch health insurance companies; Zilveren Kruis, Menzis & CZ, signed a contract to participate for €6,8 million in the initiative of the Dutch Kidney Foundation (DKF) to develop a portable artificial kidney (PAK). The PAK will be designed as a compact haemodialysis machine suitable for daily and nocturnal dialysis outside of hospital. It should give patients more freedom to dialyse anywhere and anytime to like. Our motto is ‘the dialysis treatment should be compliant to the patient and not the other way around’. The investment of the companies will make it possible to build a prototype which should be ready for clinical testing by the end of 2017.

Cooperation of three insurance companies is unique and also will be a great help to prepare the integration of the portable artificial in the insurance packages.

We expect that with a PAK, the therapy can be up to 40% cheaper (depending on the degree of self-sufficiency). The PAK will lower the barrier to self-dialysis, because the machine is less intrusive and more flexible in use.

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