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Update WKD 2018

Thank you for your participation! 

This year World Kidney Day (WKD) was celebrated on March 8.
In our 13th campaign, we highlighted the unique issues and risks that women face for their kidney health.

Together with the Taskforce on Women and NCDs, we wrote “Kidney Disease and Women – A Call to Action”, a joint statement aimed at highlighting current evidence and key challenges in the areas of kidney disease and maternal and child health, access to kidney care and prevention of kidney disease, and setting out concrete policy recommendations to address these issues.

We would like to thank our partner and all the organizations and individuals that have helped us disseminate this message.

We are very grateful to all the dedicated individualshospitalsorganizationssponsors and groups who held WKD events, supported and participated in the campaign.

Thanks to your incredible dedication and enthusiasm, WKD has reached new heights: more than 1000 events were organized all over the world and more than 2 billion people were reached!

If you want to learn more about all the activities carried out around the globe for WKD 2017, take a look at our photostream. You can still send us your pictures and we will add them to the gallery.

If you have not added your WKD event to the map yet, it is not too late! Register it here: We are still collecting results and we are curious to know more about your experience!

The success of World Kidney Day relies on your efforts, inspiration and commitment.

World Kidney Day would not be possible without you and your energy.

Thank you all

The World Kidney Day Team

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