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World Obesity Day 11 October – Under a month to go!!

Dear All,

Welcome to the second in a series of weekly communications that will lead up to #WorldObesityDay on the 11th October 2018.

This year, our focus is on weight stigma.

We want to #EndWeightStigma by shining a spotlight on the stigmatising language and images used by the media, healthcare providers and society at large. 

Help us end weight stigma this #WorldObesityDay

Each week in the lead up to #WorldObesityDay we will share ideas on how you can engage with media, healthcare providers and other organisations to help #EndWeightStigma. We will also provide you with resources to support your activity on World Obesity Day. Plus, to help with inspiration, we’ll share what World Obesity and our members and supporters are doing on and around the day.

We’ll be sharing all the tools and resources you need over the coming weeks. This week we include:
• More information on next week’s webinar
• How you can help #EndWeightStigma with patient stories (extended deadline 21 September) and the most stigmatising phrases used in your country
• An outline of the Patient Summit being held on 10-11 October
• Background on our aims and focus for World Obesity Day 2018

More information and resources for World Obesity Day 2018 will also be uploaded to: .

World Obesity Day Webinar – next week

On 19th September 2018 at 4pm BST we’re hosting a webinar on World Obesity Day 2018, focusing on the theme of ‘Weight Stigma’. The webinar will include a summary of the campaign and how to get involved. Johanna Ralston will chair the webinar with presentations from various members and advocates plus guest speaker Stuart Flint talking on ‘Weight Stigma and the Media’. If you are able to join us, please register by following this link.

Extended deadline for case studies – Friday 21st September

Do you know anyone who has experienced obesity stigma? If so, we want to hear from you. We’re on the hunt for compelling real-life stories and experiences that clearly demonstrate the impact of stigma.

 Direct experiences and personal stories will help the media and healthcare providers realise the consequences of stigma and encourage them to change attitudes towards people with obesity.

Thank you to everyone who has already been in touch with potential leads.

Please complete the short survey here to get involved

Patient Summit: 10-11 October 2018

To mark World Obesity Day 2018 we’re hosting a Patient Summit that will bring together patients, experts and other stakeholders from across the globe to share knowledge, explore topical themes and develop ideas and practical solutions to end the global obesity crisis.

This will include facilitated discussions about how the obesity landscape has changed and training sessions to empower and engage people living with obesity. Look out for further information on the Summit plus future events for patients in our newsletters and website.

What is World Obesity Day? 

World Obesity Day was launched in 2015 as an annual campaign to stimulate and support practical solutions to help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and to reverse the global obesity crisis. 

The number of adults living with obesity continues to rise. On current trends, 2.7billion adults worldwide will live with obesity by 2025, of which 177 million adults will be in need of treatment as a result of severe obesity. 

This #WorldObesityDay we are asking you to help us #EndWeightStigma by calling out examples of stigma and prejudice in the media and online.

Why focus on stigma? 

Weight stigma is pervasive in countries around the world – and we all have a role to play to help end it. Here’s why:

  • Stigmatising obesity undermines people’s health and makes it harder to seek support
  • Negative images and language reinforce stigma around obesity
  • Modern environments encourage and promote unhealthy lifestyles. Obesity is not about individual blame but shared responsibility in society

A positive, supportive narrative between clinicians and their patients will increase the effectiveness of care

How can we end stigma?

This #WorldObesityDay we’re focusing on four calls to action:

  1. to help end weight stigma we need… Media to abandon the use of negative images and language about obesity.
  2. to help end weight stigma we need… Health care providers to acknowledge the environmental factors that cause obesity, which will improve support and efficacy during diagnosis and treatment. 
  3. to help end weight stigma we need… Greater awareness that there are multiple sources of weight stigma and greater understanding of the steps to avoid it such as at work or at school.

to help end weight stigma we need… Government action to improve the environments we live in, rather than focus on individual responsibility and blame.

What next?

In the coming weeks there will be more information on our plans for #WorldObesityDay and how you can get involved.

This includes plans for social media, a template press release and template letters to media.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact us at

You can tweet us @WorldObesity and use #WorldObesityDay or #EndWeightStigma

All information and resources will be added to our World Obesity Day website as it becomes available. 

Thank you for helping us #EndWeightStigma.

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