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Kidney Foundation Partnership Program

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the formal creation of our new Kidney Foundation Partnership Program (KFPP) whereby a developed kidney foundation can partner with a developing kidney foundation to assist in the growth and development of the latter. Although the IFKF - WKA has already been successfully carrying out such activities for some time, the KFPP is designed to formalize and increase the effectiveness of these programs. A developing kidney foundation or a developed kidney foundation can apply to the IFKF - WKA to participate in this program by filling out the attached form, which can also be found on the IFKF - WKA Website.

The application should be sent to Latha A Kumaraswami( will keep records in the central files. The application will be immediately forwarded to Ms. Ayse Onat of the Turkish Kidney Foundation where the management of the program is located.

If a developing or developed kidney foundation has already identified a partner with which they wish to work, simply enter the names of both foundations into the KFPP Application in the appropriate entry slots. If either type of foundation has not identified a partner, the IFKF - WKA will work with the foundation to identify an appropriate partner. The IFKF - WKA offers to work with the applying foundations to develop goals and specific outcome measures to assess the success of the partnership.

Please contact Ms. Onat for any questions. We hope that you will take advantage of this exciting program.


With best wishes,

Kam Kalantar-Zadeh, President
Gamal Saadi, MD, Past President
Ayse Onat, KFPP Program Chair