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Improvement in prevention, quality of life and health for all people with or at risk of kidney disease


Establish a global alliance amplifying the message of patients’ kidney health related stakeholders and support member organizations to attain our long term commitment.

IFKF strives to achieve its mission by:

  • Developing advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns to influence decision and policy- makers
  • Forging alliances and sharing best practices to drive and increase rate of change in kidney health
  • Establishing and fostering new organizations to meet the IFKF mission in places that are lacking resources

Strategic objectives

Advocacy and Awareness- Leading the patient voice at a global level

  • Become a global leading advocate for all people affected by kidney disease and those at risk
  • Raise awareness about kidney Keep momentum of WKD activities and extend its celebrations to a continuous all year round activity at national and regional levels

Building Infrastructure and Capacity – Launch, equip and enable local groups and organizations to develop public health policies, promote good kidney health and encourage early detection

  • Share best practices to help transfer expertise, experience, skills and resources in areas such as patient education, outreach, fundraising and other aspects of operating a successful local kidney group
  • Help establish new organizations/foundations to promote good kidney health in areas that are lacking resources

Building a Global Network – Establish and coordinate a global network to strengthen the voice and influence of people affected by kidney disease. Maximize IFKF impact by working together with relevant stakeholders

  • Become a strong network of kidney patients and carers
    • Grow and diversify IFKF membership
    • Create regional networks
    • Develop effective collaboration with all kidney health stakeholders

Sustainability - Become a sustainable organization acting for the best interests of its members

  • Strengthen IFKF financial, legal, and governance frameworks to increase its sustainability as a global organization
  • Ensure sustainable and diverse funding base
  • Establish key partnerships and alliances
  • Develop some effective, high quality and targeted communication plan and tools for both internal and external use
  • Commitment of all members and a pro-active role of council members